IRTS Clinical Supervisor

Program: Portland Place IRTS (Bloomington)
Classification: Exempt
Reports To: Director of Residential Treatment Bloomington
FTE: 1.0

Position Summary

The purpose of this position is to provide leadership for the clinical/rehabilitative components of the intensive residential treatment program and to supervise the work of the clinical treatment team, as well as to function as a part of the management team at Touchstone Residential Treatment and across the agency.

Essential Job Functions


  • Maintain the vision, mission and values of Touchstone Mental Health (TMH).
  • Remain up-to-date regarding the various programs of TMH.
  • Remain up-to-date regarding agency policies and procedures and perform all functions in accordance with TMH policies and procedures.
  • Provide the highest quality of customer service consistent with TMH’s values and standards.

Supportive & Motivational Client Relations

  • Establish supportive, motivational and therapeutic relationships with clients, ensuring an atmosphere of safety, security and responsible mental health care.
  • Serve as a role model for clients regarding problem solving, decision-making, conflict resolutions, independent living skills and responsibilities.
  • Know current level of functioning of clients, and needed interventions. Assist clients in understanding and management of mental health issues. Observe client behavior and physical and emotional symptoms and perform behavioral management interventions, as needed. Address co-occurring chemical health concerns.
  • Monitor self-administration of medications to assist in skill building for managing their illness.
  • Supervise residents to ensure an atmosphere of safety, security and responsible mental health care.
  • Observe residents’ behavior as well as physical and emotional symptoms and take action as needed. Perform behavioral management interventions according to resident risk reduction plan, crisis plan, and individual treatment plan.
  • Conduct/coordinate initial comprehensive assessment of clients to determine client needs. Ensure individual treatment care reflect clients’ needs and service desires. Make recommendations to team. Complete individual treatment plan with clients and team members. Communicate treatment instructions and methodologies as appropriate to ensure that plan is implemented correctly.
  • Complete diagnostic assessments of new residents.
  • Provide crisis intervention services for residents and support the crisis intervention work of other members of the treatment team.
  • Provide weekly clinical group (coping skills group).

Management & Leadership

  • Foster a culture that encourages individuality, diversity, flexibility, creativity and teamwork.
  • Promote leadership throughout the agency. Challenge other team members to develop their leadership skills via mentoring and role modeling.
  • Serve as member of management and leadership teams, as well as other teams, as needed. Maintain a collaborative, positive relationship with teams.
  • In cooperation with the treatment director, participate in the selection and hiring process of clinical team staff and intern(s).
  • Provide individual and group supervision.
  • Provide direction, guidance, and oversee development of resident’s individual treatment plan, including revisions to the treatment plan.
  • Communicate treatment instructions and methodologies as appropriate to ensure that treatment is implemented correctly.
  • Develop performance standards and create individual professional development plans.
  • Conduct performance reviews; provide coaching and guidance about performance. Address performance problems of counselors as necessary.
  • Review and sign all clinical documents, including clinical consult and review.
  • Contribute to agency strategic planning process and other agency workgroups.
  • Participate in agency wide after-hours on-call rotation to provide clinical consultation to staff as scheduled.
  • Update Director regarding program clinical, personnel, and liability issues, as appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain external relationships to promote the mission of Touchstone Mental Health.

Program Operations

  • Be available for consultation regarding Mental Health Worker staffing issues and nursing office functions. Regularly consult with Program Supervisor regarding program staff schedules.
  • Provide consultation, guidance and support to members of the residential treatment team.
  • Provide crisis intervention services for residents and support the crisis intervention work of other members of the treatment team.
  • Ensure the implementation of evidence-based treatment practices by staff.
  • Provide crisis intervention services for clients and support the crisis intervention work of other team members.
  • Provide educational groups as programming requires. Document client attendance, interaction, and relevance to individual plan.
  • Coordinate with program director to develop annual staffing budget. Monitor actual revenues and expenses against budget. Provide oversight for purchasing of supplies, maintenance, etc. according to established budget.
  • Monitor standards and compliance issues. Review and sign all clinical documents, including clinical consult and review.
  • Ensure that clinical records are accurate, current and meet medical assistance standards and licensing regulations.
  • Report relevant clinical and liability issues to the Treatment Director and Clinical Operations Director on a timely basis.
  • Engage in ongoing review of electronic client records.

Program Team Member

  • Participate in overall treatment process with other staff and residents.
  • As a part of the team, ensure an atmosphere of safety, security and responsible mental health care.
  • Participate in daily shift change briefings concerning residents and facility. Provide all written and verbal information to other staff in a thorough, timely, legible, accurate, objective manner.
  • Maintain a collaborative, problem solving relationship team members. Provide regular communication regarding residents’ progress, health issues and significant events to staff, case managers, other providers, & family members, as needed.
  • Participate in treatment team and clinical meetings to regularly review and update individual treatment plans based on the changing needs and functioning levels of residents.
  • Reviews LOCUS, Functional assessments and treatment plans every 30 days. Evaluate and approve.
  • Contribute to team effort to assure medication administration follows policies & procedures. Monitor the self-administration of medications by residents, as necessary.
  • Provide help to other team members as needed. Be available for scheduled shifts as well as emergency coverage on short notice.

Other Duties:

  • Serve on agency committee(s).
  • Provide training in community as related to our program and services.
  • Attend various community meetings.
  • Participate in and actively support community advisory committees.
  • Participate in the rotation of MHP on call within the agency.
  • As assigned.

Physical Requirements

The work of this position entails the use of standard office equipment as well as a wide variety of household appliances and equipment including but not limited to the clothes washer and dryer, dishwasher, stove, microwave oven and vacuum cleaner. This position requires the ability to drive an automobile on a daily basis. This position is approved to use agency vehicles. The work of this position requires that the incumbent be able to see, hear, speak, read and write English clearly in order to ensure client welfare and development. The incumbent must be able to lift up to 20 pounds, use all household equipment, as well as bend, stoop, stand and pull in order to perform or demonstrate independent living skills using household appliances and equipment. The incumbent must be able to walk up and down stairs, access client’s bedrooms, drive a car and use the telephone.


Education and Experience

  • The incumbent must meet the qualifications of a mental health professional:
    • be a psychiatric nurse, independent clinical social worker, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, licensed professional clinical counselor
    • or hold a master’s degree in an allied field and possess at least 4,000 hours of post master’s degree experience in a multi-disciplinary mental health setting, plus have at least two year’s of clinical supervision or administrative experience.
  • Experience in a leadership or supervisory role preferred.
  • Experience or knowledge of chemical dependency preferred.

Other Requirements

  • Ability to maintain a clean driving record, a current driver’s license, and auto insurance coverage meeting Touchstone Mental Health policy limits.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to work with people who have severe and persistent mental illness and chemical dependency. Excellent interpersonal skills with people from differing backgrounds and cultures.
  • Advanced knowledge of evidence based treatment practices and methods.
  • Ability to identify the nature of complex problems and to create plans to address the problems.
  • Ability to provide effective clinical supervision and consultation to less experienced mental health professionals and practitioners.
  • Ability to write cogent and concise case notes, reports and treatment plans.
  • Ability to develop and present educational programs.
  • Knowledge of quality assurance methods and protocols.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to provide collaborative oversight for a work shift.
  • Ability to serve as an appropriate role model for residents.
  • Knowledge of and ability to intervene appropriately in crisis prevention and de-escalation when necessary.
  • Knowledge of and ability to perform medication related tasks.
  • Ability to be flexible in meeting scheduling needs.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of resident information.
  • Ability to drive residents safely and maintain a clean driving record.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office suite.

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