Mental Health Assistant

Program: Minnehaha Commons
Classification: Non-Exempt
Reports to: Program Supervisor
FTE: Less than 0.50

Position Summary

This position is responsible to provide rehabilitative skills training, guidance, encouragement and support for persons served.  This position requires a varied schedule including awake overnight and weekend hours.

Essential Job Functions


  • Maintain the vision, mission and values of Touchstone Mental Health (TMH).
  • Remain up-to-date regarding the various programs of TMH.
  • Remain up-to-date regarding agency policies and procedures and perform all functions in accordance with TMH policies and procedures.
  • Provide the highest quality of customer service consistent with TMH’s values and standards.

Supportive & Motivational Client Relations

  • Provide companionship, emotional support and social stimulation to persons served to establish supportive and motivational relationships while ensuring an atmosphere of safety, security and responsible care for the individuals served while maintaining professional and ethical boundaries.
  • Observe current level of functioning, behavioral, emotional and physical symptoms of persons served and utilize appropriate, evidence-based interventions, practices and techniques.
  • Understand developmental needs of persons served in order to assist with implementing goals and objectives for meal planning and preparation, housekeeping, laundry, proper use of household appliances and furniture, shopping, budgeting, use of technology, etc.
  • Provide training, demonstration, and observation both individually and in group sessions related to goals of persons served for independent living providing support, collaboration and providing full assistance if a person served is not able to complete a task.
  • Assist persons served with facilitating community meetings and activities promoting self-advocacy by serving as a role model, support, and providing coaching as needed.
  • Demonstrate and role model various skills to persons served, including problem solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, independent living skills, and social skills.
  • Utilize de-escalation techniques to support persons served in crisis, provide referrals to appropriate resources, and provide follow-up.
  • Assist persons served with logistical and organizational support for planning and resolving potential barriers.
  • Monitor self-administration of medications to assist in skill building for managing symptoms of their illness.
  • Competently perform delegated nursing services as an Unlicensed Personnel (ULP).
  • Prepare space for new persons served and assist with moves in and out of the facility.

Program Administration

  • Assist with regular individual and group activities related to independent living skill goals and objectives of persons served.
  • Document attendance, significant interactions and observations, and relevance to individual plan of persons served according to program policy, procedure, and applicable standard of care.
  • Promote group activities, encouraging persons served to participate and assisting with group activities, as needed.
  • Collaborate with and assist persons served in maintaining a clean and orderly living quarter by completing housekeeping tasks including dusting, vacuuming and sweeping floors, washing dishes and cleaning kitchen area and appliances, cleaning bathrooms including fixtures and mirrors, changing and laundering bed linen, etc.
  • Collaborate with and assist persons served in preparing nutritious meals including meal planning, grocery shopping, preparing meals, providing instruction regarding food storage and safety, etc.
  • Accompany and support persons served with community and facility activities, as needed.
  • Provide regular communication regarding progress, concerns and significant events to team related to persons served, as needed.
  • Participate in learning about current trends related to mental health services, industry and organizational trends, and professional trends by maintaining an underlying curiosity and desire to understand people and issues that impact them.
  • Utilize the formal and informal decision-making structures within the organization and in the field to achieve goals.
  • Ensure the facility is clean and secure, performing light cleaning and routine maintenance, as required.
  • Report any needed facility repairs according to policy and procedure.
  • Notify appropriate staff when supplies need to be reordered.

Program Team Member

  • Follow established program and agency protocols, policies and procedures.
  • Develop and demonstrate a set standard of personal expectations for excellence in quality and quantity of work.
  • Utilize best practices in facilitation, conflict resolution, and meeting management when conducting productive and goal-oriented group interactions.
  • Seek consultation and supervision as needed to sustain professional and ethical standards related to services of persons served and interactions with other team members.
  • Consult with team members pertaining to client services, activities and needed supports and follow established care and treatment plans.
  • Participate in creating an overall positive community atmosphere with persons served and other staff.
  • Demonstrate the ability to build relationships and work cooperatively with others, be part of a team, express positive attitudes and expectations of others, build team commitment by promoting good working relationships regardless of personal preferences, and sustain professional contacts for the purposes of networking within the team and the field.
  • Provide team with thorough, timely, legible, accurate, objective information through timely written reports and verbal reports.
  • Collaborate with staff in development of goals, objectives, and provide input for care plans and needed supports of persons served.
  • Participate in team meetings and process to participate in communication concerning persons served and facility.
  • Provide facility oversight and monitor milieu when necessary.
  • Be available for scheduled shifts as well as emergency coverage on short notice.
  • Complete required trainings, both upon hire and annually.

Other Duties

  • As assigned.

Physical Requirements

The work of this position entails the use of standard office equipment and household appliances and equipment including but not limited to the clothes washer and dryer, dishwasher, stove, microwave oven, automobile, and vacuum cleaner. This position will also be approved to use agency van vehicles.  The work of this position requires that the incumbent be able to see, hear, speak, read and write English clearly in order to ensure client welfare and development.  The incumbent must be able to climb stairs, stoop, kneel, reach, walk and carry for up to 2/3 of the hours worked and crouch, stand, remain in a static position, push, pull, lift, use fingers, grasp, feel and perform repetitive motions for up to 1/3 of the hours worked.  The incumbent must also be able to lift up to 10 lbs from the waist, knee or floor.

Current Available Schedule

  • Every other Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 10:30 PM to 8:30 AM (awake overnight) (less than 0.50 FTE, non-benefit eligible)

Flexibility and reliability in scheduling are essential.


Education and Experience

  • 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Bachelor’s degree in one of the behavioral sciences preferred.
  • Experience working with people who have severe and persistent mental illness preferred.
  • Experience or knowledge of chemical dependency issues for adults with mental illness preferred.
  • Ability to work with people who have severe and persistent mental illness, chemical dependency, and chronic health conditions. Excellent interpersonal skills with people from differing backgrounds and cultures.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of and ability to intervene appropriately in crisis prevention and de-escalation when necessary.
  • Commitment to understanding others by genuinely seeking to know people as individuals, understand different points of view
  • by gaining the insights of others, and cultivate cross-cultural sensitivity.
  • Demonstrated ethics, sound professional practice, social accountability and community stewardship. Ability to act openly and honestly and promote organizational integrity.
  • Ability to act confidently within one’s role and own abilities and to take on challenging assignments.
  • Awareness of one’s own strengths and development needs, and ability to seek feedback routinely on performance.
  • Ability to understand a situation by breaking it into smaller pieces, identifying barriers or obstacles to address current or future problems or opportunities.
  • Ability to speak and write in a clear, logical and grammatical manner in formal and informal situations.
  • Ability to be flexible in meeting scheduling needs. Ability to work on agency holidays, as required.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of client information and appropriate boundaries.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office suite, particularly Microsoft Outlook. Familiarity with electronic health records.

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