Jessica’s Story

“I was sent to the state hospital when I was 10, because I had a lot of behavior and mental health problems.” said Jessica. She moved between foster care, detention centers, hospitals and mental health programs for over 10 years. Jessica acted on impulse and didn’t have any patience when in a crowd, waiting for an appointment or with people. “I got angry fast and took it out by hitting people”. As an adult, she was in the work house and in jail for assaulting a police officer five years ago.  When she left jail, she was homeless and her mental illness symptoms became worse. She was placed under a court commitment at Hennepin County Medical Center and discharged to yet another adult foster care program.

Jessica was referred to Touchstone’s Housing Innovation Program which helped her find an apartment. “I was so excited to be on my own and have my first apartment,” she said. “Touchstone staff are teaching me how to manage my stress and anger. They are walking me through all the things I never learned growing up. I am learning to be patient when its noisy, in a doctor’s waiting room, with others and myself,” said Jessica. “I still have rough days, but I’m doing better, I’m proud I have better control of my emotions and I’ve lived in my apartment for 4 years”.

Ashley’s Inspiring Art Donation

Beautiful art inspires hope, healing, and well-being. Ashley Erickson donated over 200 canvas paintings to Touchstone from her business, Paint Nite Minneapolis. We are very grateful for the generous gift, and the art is being distributed among our programs. If you make it to our Fridley Open House, you can see the beautiful artwork in person. Thank you, Ashley!

Making a Difference

When 300 people volunteer time and energy, it has a big impact on Touchstone communities. Home Depot awarded Touchstone a grant for garden tools, supplies and plants, and brought volunteers to create a vegetable and flower garden for our clients in North Minneapolis.

Touchstone also partnered with Hands On Twin Cities to coordinate two volunteer projects for our agency. First, they worked with Altria, who purchased landscaping supplies and brought 30 corporate volunteers to our Bloomington Residential Treatment program. They stained the fence, moved garden rocks, replaced mulch, trimmed hedges and bushes, and added plants for a finishing touch. Hands On also coordinated with Kare 11 and Touchstone to host an event at the State Fair where 200 volunteers decorated pots and assembled seed kits so people in our programs can grow a plant. Touchstone thanks all the volunteers and businesses that donated supplies-Koehler & Dramm, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Altria, Home Depot, and Kare 11 for hosting the event at the State Fair. All of our volunteer events were a huge success thanks to everyone involved.

Residential Treatment Saves Lives- Donate Today!

Lyric Lane: Your Support is Crucial.

Imagine having to stay in a small hospital room longer than you need to because there are no openings in community programs. Every day many are faced with this problem, including Chris. He entered the hospital after being so depressed he tried to end his life. Soon he could leave the hospital, but wasn’t ready to be on his own. He wanted to go to a residential program with 24-hour mental health services but ended up on a waiting list for 30 days.

There aren’t enough residential treatment programs in Minnesota, so Chris had to stay a month longer than needed. This was hard for him – it also drives up health care costs and keeps others from receiving hospital care. Touchstone Residential Treatment programs cost 91% less per day than hospital care. Our services average $270 per day, compared with the $3,700 average daily rate in a metro area psychiatric unit (MN Hospital Association, 2015).

Touchstone can only accommodate 1 out of every 6 referrals for our Residential Treatment programs in Minneapolis and Bloomington. We are opening Lyric Lane, a new residential program in Fridley, so we can serve more area residents, but we need your help to open our doors. Your support is crucial as we are working to raise enough funds to open our new program in Fridley, MN.

Person-Centered Primary Care Clinic at Touchstone

We are excited to announce the opening of our medical clinic on Tuesday, 7/25/2017! This clinic is a partnership with the U of MN Health Nurse Practitioners Physicians Clinic. The Nurse Practitioners Clinic provides person-centered care, an approach that builds strong partnerships with patients. We listen and offer education on managing health. The clinic’s certified family nurse practitioners can assess and treat conditions and prescribe medications. Click on the link below to see the brochure for more details on the staff, services offered, and how to schedule an appointment today!

Click here for more information