A Holistic Approach to Recovery: Guy’s Story

After a flare up of mental health symptoms landed him in the hospital, Guy came to Touchstone’s residential treatment program for help. This unique program isn’t just a place to stay, clients connect with others while they go to individual and group counseling, expressive therapy, nutrition education and fitness coaching. Guy worked with his case manager to find resources for his mental health and get back on the path to recovery.

In addition to mental illness many Touchstone clients also have health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Many, like Guy, know they need to “eat healthy” but that can feel impossible for people who have a hard time trying new things or don’t know where to begin. Guy learned about simple changes and making healthier choices with one-to-one nutrition counseling, cooking activities and taste testing. “The dietician opened my eyes to a lot of things, making me want to be a healthy person.” said Guy. “I know I can, and will, eat better.”

Guy’s exploration of wellness didn’t stop with nutrition. He received fitness coaching where he learned ways to easily fit exercise into his daily life. “Exercise can help improve mood, outlook and overall, help people feel better.” said Jed, fitness coach. Guy also took part in meditation workshops where he learned how to eat mindfully, pay attention to his breath and slow down.

Guy’s case manager, Anna, said the holistic approach made a difference for Guy and improved his outlook. “Guy was on a roller coaster for a while, but he is really capable and smart. When he has the right structure and support in place he is successful.” Not only did Guy learn about managing his mental health at Touchstone, he said he learned how to improve his overall wellness. “I did it and I empowered myself­­. Touchstone has done a lot for me.”