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Diane’s life was out of control when she was referred to Touchstone’s Case Management program. She was doing drugs, involved in abusive relationships, in significant debt, she was in and out of the hospital constantly, and her kids were placed in protective care. Her mental illness was taking over her life and she was completely unaware of her own power in managing her symptoms and leading a healthier life.

After learning more about her illness and receiving support, guidance and learning new skills at Touchstone, Diane has taken a new life path. She hasn’t had to go to the hospital in four years, is sober, has developed supportive relationships, and has reconnected with her children. She even reduced her debt, completed a degree from Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and is looking for full-time work. With the help of Touchstone staff and services Diane is where to she wants to be in a new, meaningful life.

Touchstone’s Case Management program includes both Targeted Case Management (TCM) and Intensive Case Management (ICM). Both services provide resources for clients to maintain and increase independence, minimize the risk of hospitalization, and improve overall functioning and well-being. Supportive services include creating a treatment plan to identify and meet goals set by the client, assistance connecting with community and housing resources, and support increasing personal health and wellness. People receiving Intensive Case Management services also have frequent home visits and intensive support services.

Who We Serve

Case Management serves adults who have a serious mental illness and are referred through Hennepin County, their health insurance plan or another provider.

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If you have questions about the Targeted and Intensive Case Management programs contact us via email at or by phone at (612) 767-2179.

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