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Ben loved his mother. She was his rock, his support system and his biggest cheerleader. She always made him feel like he was more than his mental illness and that he could do anything. He was working as a line cook and his art was being displayed at the community center. Everything was great for Ben. Until suddenly his mom, his everything, passed away. In an instant everything was gone and he was overwhelmed with so much grief he could no longer function. He stopped going to work. The bills piled up. There was a bright eviction notice posted on his door. He was on the verge of homelessness and didn’t feel like was going to survive.

Through a referral, Ben was connected with Housing Innovation so he could get an advocate to help him stay in his home and regain his footing. With 24-hour phone support, assistance with managing his finances, counseling, and even help with housekeeping and errands Ben was able to recover and heal from his loss. The Housing Innovation program even helped him connect with others who had experienced similar loss so he didn’t feel so alone. He knew he was going to be okay, and with Touchstone he had the support he needed to learn to live on his own.

Who We Serve

Housing Innovation works with adults who have a serious mental illness diagnosis, are eligible for Medical Assistance and CADI or waivered services and are referred by the County or another provider.

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