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Serina was abused as she put it “in all shapes and forms” growing up. She married twice, both times to abusive men who were alcoholics. She spent the first 43 years of her life believing abuse and dysfunction were normal. After a short stay in jail because of something her husband had gotten involved in, she struggled with homelessness for years and was deeply depressed and suicidal. Thankfully, a referral to Touchstone gave Serina the opportunity to learn a different way to live.

Through work in the community group, she learned to trust others, make friends and even enjoy life. She works on problem-solving, compromise and being part of a community. She also has fun cooking, laughing and sharing with others in the group, people who also have a mental illness and know how strong she is. The Touchstone staff are there for her and she knows she can call them for help.

Intentional Communities is a unique program made up of peer-guided and managed communities of individuals who come together as a supportive group. Touchstone staff work as advocates with clients to help them with housing, independent living skills, personal health goals and finding resources based on what they need for mental health stability.

Who We Serve

Intentional Communities serves adults, 18 and up, with a serious mental illness who have been referred by their Case Manager.

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To learn more about our Intentional Communities program contact us at or (612) 843-3340.

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